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Hawk Security

Need a home or small business security solution?  Click on the image to the right, complete the form, and you'll soon be contacted by Garland Gibbs.  He's a trusted partner of mine from BNI Shady Valley.  He'll help you assess your situation, and find a solution that meets your family's needs.  Best of all?  When you use the link to the right, you'll get your first three months of monitoring service FREE!

99 Designs
Are you looking for a new logo for your company or organization?  Consider this service that connects you with hundreds of independent graphic designers that will review your requirements, and produce a variety of options.  Pricing is flexible so that you can determine how many candidates you'd like to consider, and then narrow the field down to the choices you really like.  

Click on the picture on the left, and get started on your next design!

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